The best mathematical schemes and calculations in online casinos

The best mathematical schemes and calculations in online casinos post thumbnail image

We don’t want to disappoint you, but there are no profitable strategies and schemes that will allow you to win at the casino. If you hear something to the contrary, you can safely declare it an elementary fraud or delusion. The mathematics of gambling relies on the theory of probability, rather than the ability to calculate the exact outcome. That is, the end result of the round can be anything.

Systems for gambling

Counting cards in some games is possible, but it’s not easy either. As for the most common systems of casino games that exist today, they are the following:

  • Martingale system.
  • Fibonacci system.
  • Biarritz method.
  • LaBoucher strategy.
  • The system of Oscar Grind.
  • Witteker System.
  • Qyban Strategy.

Almost all of the strategies, the rules of which are distributed on the Internet, are designed to be used in the game of roulette. When one of the greatest minds A. Einstein was asked about a strategy to win at roulette with a hundred percent guarantee, he replied that the only winning strategy would be to steal chips from the table while the croupier does not see it. Online casinos have a random number generator in all games, it is simply impossible to predict the likely outcome of a round. All the suggestions you find on the Web about profitable strategies and schemes – it’s a scam. Do not fall for it, keep your money safe and sound.

How the owners earn money

In principle, if you have carefully read all of the above, then you should already imagine how the owners of gambling establishments receive profit. The algorithms of slot machines already include their profits, so you are likely to play one-way. There are no ways to beat slot machines. It can only happen by chance. In this case we are talking only about licensed sites with fair rules. So, to have at least a minimum chance of winning, you need to carefully choose a place to play. Should adhere to the following criteria:

  • The casino must have a license;
  • The site is not acceptable scripting machines;
  • Reviews gamers about the club should be positive;
  • You should play on well-known sites;
  • Range of applications – an important point, so choose sites with a variety of games.

Bonus program and loyalty policy are important only if the wagers are low. You can also further explore the latest casino bonuses list. It will help you to find the best promotions on the casino market.