Privacy Policy

Commitment to Privacy

Your privacy is important to us, therefore we have compiled this privacy policy and presented to you where all the information about our collecting and storing data practices is displayed. You can find this Privacy Policy section anytime on our web site by clicking on the “Privacy Policy” link at the bottom of each page of

Visitors who sign up for our email newsletters provide their email addresses and names. does not give or disclose your email addresses or names to any third parties. Our mailing list strictly private and we will never be distributed to anyone, only if required by law.

Ads on our site may contain codes that track how many clicks each advertisement has received. This data contains information about how many times the advertisement was clicked and includes the name of the browser which you used and your IP address from where the advertisement was clicked. IP address data serve to help us distinguish individual clicks from individual computers. In order to be sure that several clicks didn’t come from the same computer we use so called cookies, which are perfectly safe and standard procedure on the Internet. If you are unfamiliar with the term “cookie” you can read about it on the Internet.

Information Collected

All information collected or submitted for the purposes of our services is subject to this privacy policy. Some sites found on our pages will require from you to register in order to access them. Registering an account requires that you supply personal information, including first and last name, email address, place of residence, phone number etc.

On some of our pages you will be able to sign up as a recipient of our newsletter. This includes providing information about your name and email address. By collecting such information we will not try to contact you unless pertaining to your subscription specifically, nor will we give or distribute any of your personal information.

Usage of the Information Collected

The information provided by you is never shared with any outside parties, unless required by law. Personally identifiable information such as email and name will be used by us only for the purposes of distributing promotional and marketing material about latest bonus offerings at online casinos for which you’ve opted yourself in.

Information that you’ve collected and stored on your computer from us is in the form of cookies and session data. They serve to identify you as our visitor and subscriber. Such information will never compromise you and no information that may personally identify you is stored in the cookies. If so the data in cookie would be secured from reading.

Data Security has implemented necessary protocols and security processes in order to prevent and avoid potential unwanted access and data theft, breaches of security or other actions that could compromise our system.

Minors Privacy

Under age visitors are not permitted to sign up for our newsletter service. Gambling and casino data is deemed as inappropriate for minors, therefore does not support or promote visitors that are under the legal age in the jurisdiction from which they visiting our web site.