How to register at online casinos

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Registration at online casinos is intuitive. There is absolutely nothing complicated about it. You need to download the software from the site of your chosen casino on your computer and install it. Keep in mind that when you register, you need to specify your real and valid data name address, etc., otherwise your money can be sent to the wrong address. After completing the form, you will immediately open a casino account. You can’t open multiple accounts in the same casino, you won’t be allowed to do so.

Online casino: how to start

It is better to register at several casinos at the same time. Because staying only in one casino for a long time, is fraught with the fact that you can be noticed as a successful player. So do not play for a long time in one casino. It is better to stop this casino and start another or return to the same casino after a while. If you want to choose a reliable casino, you can use this website

So, you have chosen an online casino you want to play at. What to do next? First, you have to download the program from the casino site itself. There are some casinos that do not require downloading and installation (Java and Flash), but they are few (or additional to the download). In most cases, you need to download and run an executable file in other words the installer. Some of the casinos have small files (up to 1 MB) – installers, which, when run, will download the main part of the casino (they need an Internet connection to work). You may download either a full set of games (from 6 to 100 Mb) or a minimum set (4-5 Mb), which usually includes Blackjack, Video Poker, Slots, and which may be added later. The casino is installed like any other Windows program.

Once the program is installed, you need to establish a connection and run the program. The first time you run it, you will be prompted to register with the casino. You usually need to click on the “Register” or “New Player” button to start registering. Many casinos offer two versions of the game – for money “Real Player”, “For Real” and for fun to practice and get acquainted with the program “For Fun”, “Practice” or “Guest”. So when registering, make sure you are registering with the right option.

Many casinos will also offer you a sign-up bonus. Speaking of which, you can refuse the bonus in any casino. To do this, simply contact the casino support and express your desire not to receive a bonus. So not receiving a bonus, you can play only with your own money which gives you the opportunity to withdraw your winnings without wagering the bonus amount. Good payout percentages make it clear that the owners of the establishment are not going to cheat you and clean out your gambling accounts. Typically, high percentages provide casinos, strengthened in the market, those whose name has long been known on the Internet.

Ease of use is an important aspect of choosing the institution. Do not opt for an online casino, the menu is giving you a lot of difficulties. Not only can you not enjoy the game, but also spend a fair amount of patience, trying to understand the maze of the institution. The number of games can also bring some clarity to the operation of the establishment. Good casinos can afford a lot of games. A small number of games often indicates that the institution exists not so long ago and trust him, for this reason, is not worth it.

If you want to choose the best casino yourself, you can explore this site first This will help you choose the best casino option and make the right decision. At the moment there are many great online casinos and you can choose the gaming site that suits you best.