VIP Program

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VIP Programs are one of the most lucrative ways to ensure the continuity and good prospects of an online community. Whether it is about consumers, players or people in general, there’s something that attracts people when the VIP status is involved.

Casino loyalty program is the ace in the online gambling sleeve and with a good reason – tailored for their loyal consumers, these programs are there to ensure the continuous support and visits, by offering a slew of advantages and additional prizes that are worthy of the VIP stature.

A casino VIP program must differ from the usual promotions / bonus packs offers in order to make more appeal to both newcomers and regular visitors – that extra mileage required to become part of the loyal, VIP few is often just few clicks away.

In this brief overview of Playtech’s own VIP Program we will examine what sort of benefits a player receives when he/she becomes a loyal member and how in the first place. Let’s get started.

Overview of the VIP Program

Unlike many online casinos that offer VIP membership to a selected few, based on performance or wagering limits, Playtech’s take on VIP is to allow any player a chance to enter the elite club. In order to keep the competitive spirit alive and to have a dedicated hierarchy so every player, no matter his level, can pursue higher tiers in the VIP program.

The benefits are the standard fare for most online casinos, if by standard fare we take regularly scheduled, VIP only tournaments, unique events and prizes. The offer extends with each new level so let’s see how the grading system treats the VIP players.

The Club Member or the Starter receives the VIP welcome bonus gift, is invited to Special Tournaments & Events and has the Quick Withdrawals option available, allowing for faster withdrawals for just 3 business days. The Club Member stature also allows for slightly Higher Withdrawal Amounts and High Comp Points to Money Conversion Rate. Comp Points will be discussed further in the aptly named section bellow.

The next 4 levels, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black share the benefits and bonuses of the Club Member with one unique addition – personal Account Manager. This dedicated individual will track the player’s progress, respond to any complaints / problems and notify the player of any events/tournaments that might be interesting. All the other benefits are increased with every new level, meaning more exclusive bonuses, Quicker Withdrawals (1 Business day for Platinum and Black), Higher Withdrawal Amounts and the Comp Points to Money Conversion Rate is even higher (75-70 for Platinum and Black respectively).

Comp points

Added currencies for every VIP member, the Comp Points are generated every time a VIP player places a bet at the casino. Depending on the amount and the current level of the player, the minimum is generated at $/£/€10 for 1 Comp Point and so on. The higher the level, the faster the accumulation rate of Comp Points.

So, why are Comp Points so important for VIP players? Basically, they are the equivalent of virtual money. Their conversion turns them into funds for the player’s account which can be used as real money.