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Slots are without question one of the most sought after category of games in the online casino gaming business. Whether someone prefers the clean and simple design of Classic Slots or sheer extravaganza of Video Slots it is clear that players enjoy the spins and perfect line ups that only Slots can provide.

Over the years, Slots games have evolved and encompassed many new elements. Some of them come in the form of new gameplay changes and upgrades like the rise of the Progressives and many alterations of the formula (random bonuses, jackpots, free spins, etc.) Others, come in the form of the overall look and feel of the games with the change of the overall theme, featured in the fan favorites Marvel or HBO themed Slots like The Incredible Hulk, X-Men or Iron Man.

It is this winning formula of design ingenuity and presentation that gave rise to Playtech’s own library of Slots. Their Slots are considered one of the best in the business and are played on a daily basis by thousands of players around the globe.

Types of slots

In order to keep veterans interested and new players engaged in their online portfolio of Slots, Playtech offers free slots as part of their library. These Slots can be played with no wagering restrictions, for fun, in order to leave the players to easily familiarize with their elements and functionality.

In terms of category, Playtech slots are consisted of several types of games: 

  • 3-Reel Classic Slots – the classics will never run out of style and favor of gamblers mostly because they are familiar and yet refreshing. They come in the offer of 1, 3, 5 and 8 pay-lines and 3, 5 and 10 Rows. There are several Progressives as well which entice players by the moment.
  • 5-Reel Video Slots – this selection has the most games and as such is favorite of many Slots players. The Marvel themed progressives take the cake with excellent Progressives Jackpots that rise above the million mark.
  • 9-Reel Video Slots – unique, interesting and addicting, the 9-Reel offer of Video Slots by Playtech consists of games like the progressive Gold Rally and Vacation Station with 8 pay0lines and a fan factor that is hard to match.

Headline games

As mentioned earlier, the real incentive for players to first try and then get hooked on Slots games by Playtech is their themed progressives. Marvel and later on, HBO, provided their greatest heroes and villains in the creation of some of the most memorable video slots like Thor the Mighty Avenger, Iron Man 2 50 Lines, X-Men and others. The thematic edge as well as the excellent design and authentic atmosphere borrowed from the movies and comics make for an excellent gambling experience.

Playtech’s Top Progressives like Gold Rally or The Incredible Hulk often surpass 2 to 3 million euros / dollars in prizes which is one of the main reasons these games are so highly regarded and played by gamblers. Easy to recommend and bursting with both chance and fan factor, Platech’s Slots are simply great.