How to choose an honest online casino

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Choosing a casino in the virtual world is not an easy task. Even an experienced player is difficult not to get lost in countless gaming services. A beginner who dreams of becoming a professional, should not trust the brightly colored advertising. But how to choose an online casino, and not to become a victim of fraud? Before registering on the selected site, check all available information about it. Examine the casino’s rating and reputation in user reviews. Ask about the history of the institution, terms of service and rules. Find out what range of games is available and what payment systems are used.

History and reputation of the service

Unscrupulous online facilities are usually created for several months and then disappear without a trace with the users’ money. Therefore, you should not choose a casino that is less than 1 year old. In the history of the domain you can find statistics on attendance with the real number of players. There is also information about violations and sanctions imposed on the owner of the resource registrar. Feedback from users should be treated with caution. Starting a dummy easily buys for a penny dozens of positive feedback. If the comments are too enthusiastic and flawless, it is worth thinking about their truthfulness. Frank casino has a good reputation, look for a similar casino.

User Agreement

Not many players carefully study the rules of the institution and the conditions provided. Knowing “small details” can save your money in the future. Make sure that the agreement is not a copy from another site. If the casino has not made its own rules – this is a bad sign.

Technical support

Test the customer service. A good site offers several communication options:

  • email;
  • telephone line (toll-free);
  • 24-hour chat.

The speed of the customer service will allow you to quickly get advice from staff. Otherwise, a request sent to the post office can expect a response from three days or more. And no one will answer the phone at all.

Payment systems

Before you start playing for “live” money, specify the important points necessary for withdrawal:

  • Currency. Each casino has the right to use different currency. On some sites in the household only cryptocurrency – BitCoin.
  • Options for withdrawal of funds. Types of accounts or electronic wallets, which can withdraw money from the game account.
  • Methods of deposit. Options to transfer funds to the personal balance of the account in the game institution.
  • Processing of the application. The waiting time for your request should not exceed 48 hours.
  • Duration of withdrawal of funds. The time interval required to transfer the amount to an electronic wallet or bank account.

Number of games and bonus system

How to choose a virtual casino from the range of presented games? Fraudsters will not bother with a great variety. It is enough to place a table with poker, roulette and a few machines to snatch a small amount in thousands of euros. The main thing is to lure gamblers with a bigger bonus. Honest casinos usually use the services of multiple software vendors. Thus, the site offers more than a hundred different games. Honest institution takes care of the development of a complex bonus system. Huge amounts of incredible bonuses should cause doubt about their reality. Too big or too small vager also gives rise to doubts about the honesty of the casino.

Easy navigation of the site and its mobile version

The design and ease of use of the site create a first impression of the institution. It is unlikely that anyone would want to play on a resource that slows down. A large casino with a good reputation should have an expensive, well-thought-out website, such as