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Playtech, one of the leaders in the online casino software industry, are best known for their beautifully designed casino software and their craps game is exactly one of the best looking Playtech games. They give a touch of reality with their 3D tables and animations.

Craps Intro

But never mind the looks of Playtech Craps; it’s great to see that the payout rules do not differ much from the standard carps games. As said before, the game is of high visual quality and the effects are great too, while a special feature in the form of a ticker is present at Playtech Craps that serves as a summary and shows all the bets you’ve made, lost or won, which is of great help when placing several bets at once so you can keep track of your money. Craps has one of the lowest house edges than any other online casino game.

How is played?

The goal in craps is to predict the number rolled on the table. For example, you can place a bet that the dice will roll out a number of six and you can bet that a certain number would be rolled first, for example, that six will be rolled before seven. In craps one or more gamblers can play against the house or against each other if in live dealer mode. Each player takes his turn by rolling two dice and the one rolling the dice is called the shooter. Playing craps is performed in rounds and the first roll in a new round is called “come out” roll. You can win or lose automatically on the come out roll, but if you don’t win or lose the number rolled becomes the “point” and once established, the round continues until another “point” or seven is rolled.
You commence your craps game by placing your wagers in the form of chips on the craps table. When you look at the table you will notice that it has many different types of bets and each game is played in rounds. It is vital that you understand the game before venturing into a craps adventure, so prepare yourself.

Playtech Craps

Playtech Craps is played against the house except in Live Dealer Craps where players play against each other. The first thing to notice is the display of the bet odds. Instead of 4 to 1 it says 5 for 1 and is essentially the same except that craps rookies will think odds are better. The maximum odds are three times your original bet.

All line bets are offered with three times odds, but just as at almost every online casino the odds are based on the first bet and not on the potential winning amount. The minimum bet is $1 and the maximum is $300, but 1c and 10c chips are also available and the dice cannot be rolled manually. The basic rules help first time players to start slowly and to gradually improve their game as the rounds unfold. The game starts when the shooter rolls out the dice and if seven or eleven is rolled, the shooter wins. Playtech Craps have low house edge, 0.46%, and best return odds on the ‘don’t pass’ and ‘don’t come’ wagers.