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This is one of the most popular table games around. Because of that all the software providers, such as Playtech, power casinos with enough blackjack variations for players to enjoy, and blackjack games provided by Playtech have their own reputation among players. Graphics at Playtech blackjack games are pretty realistic, whereas the tables for blackjack have clean and sharp colors that many will find soothing for the eyes and cards are easily recognized. Playtech blackjack games offer various options at the tables and feature different modes, as in single or multi player, and in single player up to five bets are allowed. See our list of Playtech Blackjack games.

Blackjack from Playtech

The standard blackjack found on the Playtech software has similar rules as any basic blackjack game offered from other providers. Dealer stands on all 17s while the game is played with 6 decks, just as in the variations. Players can double their bets on any two cards in their hand, and can double even after splitting a hand too, while in the meantime the dealer never checks if he has scored a blackjack. With Playtech blackjack the house always has a little edge over you, about half a percent. You can always try a free blackjack game in order to test the casino.


We will briefly explain the most popular Playtech blackjack variations in this paragraph. First there is the Blackjack Surrender that has the same rules just like standard blackjack. But, there are some slight differences. Only one hand is allowed, and you can surrender. By surrendering the player gives half of his bet to the house. Surrendering is allowed only after the dealer checks if he has scored a blackjack.

Progressive Blackjack steadily becomes more popular. It has a one dollar side bet, which is optional, and which goes into the pot for the jackpot. Jackpot is won if you have four aces in your hand that are of the same suit, while four aces of any suit gets you only ten percent of the jackpot. Rules are the same.

Blackjack Switch is another Playtech variation where two hands are dealt with two separate bets. Here the player can choose to switch the top card from the first hand with the top card from the second hand in order to gain a much stronger hand.


Pontoon is a game that is essentially a blackjack game, only that it’s an Australian version, where both dealer cards are faced down. The ace is called pontoon and the best possible hand is a card with the value of ten. When aces are split and the player gets a ten value card then it’s called a Pontoon, just as Blackjack is called Blackjack. A small difference is that a player must hit 16 or more.